BBB Warns Of EGrid Sales

Better Business Bureau® of Minnesota and North Dakota (BBB) is warning job applicants about employment offers extended by a company called EGrid Sales. This online entity, which falsely claims an address in St. Paul, purports to offer shipping services the world over. However, based on a report BBB has received through BBB Scam Tracker and multiple inquiries from the public, BBB believes EGrid Sales is operating a reshipping scheme, wherein individuals seeking legitimate employment instead become entangled in a supply chain involving the reshipment of stolen merchandise – or merchandise paid for with stolen credit card information.

“This kind of thing is becoming more common,” said Susan Adams Loyd, President and CEO of BBB of Minnesota and North Dakota. “First, this fraudulent entity victimizes a business by claiming their address. Second, they give job applicants false hope and actually involve them in reshipping schemes which are illegal.”

In regard to EGrid Sales claimed address in St. Paul, a review performed by BBB revealed that’s also the same address listed for a local BBB Accredited Business. However, BBB has confirmed with that business that EGrid Sales is not located at that address and they are not affiliated with them in any way.

As reshipping schemes often involve the transfer of stolen merchandise – or merchandise paid for with stolen credit card information – people who become involved in such schemes may be at risk of prosecution. BBB advises the public to be very leery of any work-from-home offers they receive. If you feel you may be involved in a reshipping scheme, you should contact the US Postal Inspection Service immediately at 877-876-2455.

The Scam Tracker report that BBB received indicates EGrid Sales also has ‘employees’ fill out tax forms, which might put people who accept positions with them at risk of identity theft. Job seekers should always be very cautious with personal information they share online.

Common warning signs of potential employment scams include:

*The position involves transferring money or reshipping goods – domestically or outside the country
* The company is or claims to be located in another country
* The position does not list education or experience requirements
* The offer promises significant earning potential for little effort
* Emails contain grammatical and typographical errors, or contact takes place solely via email.
* The company claims to have been in business for many years but their website was only recently created

BBB has also seen instances where scammers claim to represent an established business and offer employment opportunities. It’s important to visit company websites or contact appropriate HR departments to ensure job offers are legitimate. Job seekers are always encouraged to contact BBB in regard to suspect job offers or to research businesses where they’re considering seeking employment. They may do so by visiting or, in Minnesota and North Dakota, by calling 800-646-6222.

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  1. Jennifer Pierce

    EGrid Sales- WARNING

    I researched this company myself, the addresses do not exist (one is a bus stop), their certificate of filing for LLC with the state of Minnesota and EIN are counterfeit , the company does not exist. It is an elaborate scam that to someone inexperienced, could be potentially dangerous and risky. STAY AWAY from this “company”.

    1. Thank you for your feedback, Jennifer. Yes, some of these scams get quite elaborate. We appreciate your viewpoint and your help in getting word out about this scheme. Have a good day!

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