BBB Tips On Ordering Valentine’s Day Flowers

Valentine’s Day is a banner day for many, particularly couples, hopeful romantics, florists and gift shop owners. Flowers and balloon arrangements are always high on the list of potential gifts, and Better Business Bureau® of Minnesota and North Dakota (BBB) offers helpful tips for those who have yet to order their Valentine’s Day arrangements.

“It’s a day where people always want to get things right,” said Susan Adams Loyd, President and CEO of Better Business Bureau of Minnesota and North Dakota. “Taking time to do your due diligence and work out the details always improves your odds of a successful Valentine’s Day.”

BBB advises people considering ordering flowers or balloons to:

Start by Doing Your Research

What kind of flowers or theme does your spouse, partner or the object of your affection prefer? This sounds basic, but can make the difference between an ‘okay’ gift and one that truly resonates. Ask others who might know. Sometimes it’s okay to be (just a bit) sneaky.

Compare Track Records and Pricing

Always do your research upfront – for free – at As far as pricing, be sure to ask if the delivery charge is included. Be aware that working with a local florist as opposed to an online floral business might save you money.

Know Who You’re Dealing With

If you’re sending flowers from a distance, get acquainted with your options. Don’t just go with the company that pops up first when you put flower delivery into a search engine. Advertisers can pay to appear atop such listings and though they may be an excellent choice, it’s still important to do your research. You’ll also want to study online reviews from past customers which are offered by BBB and various other websites.

Be the Early Bird

Getting your order in early – as opposed to trying to arrange things at the last-minute on Valentine’s Day – will likely assure that you’ll have a full range of options. Florists definitely prepare for the big day by having extra inventory on hand, but even at that, waiting too long could mean settling for end of the day leftovers on the 14th.

Stick the Landing

Talk to your florist about delivery options and best practices. When possible, it’s always best to make sure the recipient – or someone – will be there to accept delivery of the flowers. Some delivery services will leave the flowers if no one is there, but that also increases the possibility of theft or exposure to the elements.

Pay with a Credit Card

When possible, pay for your order with a credit card. The only thing worse than having the wrong flower arrangement delivered is not having them delivered at all. Using a credit card gives you the option of disputing the charges if you are unable to resolve a dispute directly with the flower wholesaler or florist, or through the assistance of BBB.

If You Have Problems

If you do have issues with the quality of your order – or the delivery – and you’ve exhausted your options as far as resolving the issue directly with the merchant, you can file a complaint with your BBB at – or file a customer review if you just want others to be aware of your experience.

Valentine’s Day can be a special day, but it requires a little bit of luck and some planning ahead. Taking your time can make all the difference.